Emu Creek Road crossing restored after full reconstruction

25 Jun 2012

Emu Creek Road crossing during reconstruction

Toowoomba’s Emu Creek Road crossing was completely destroyed in the January 2011 flood event after the road’s culverts were badly damaged in the strong floodwaters.

The severity of damage required culvert reinstatement and the road causeway to be rebuilt across the creek, keeping the crossing closed for 14 months.

Immediately after the flood event, Toowoomba Regional Council put an all-weather detour in place so that local residents could use the New England Highway to access Crow’s Nest for school, farm supplies, health services, shopping and stock delivery.

Council also established a second crossing closer to the original damaged crossing to minimise disruption to residents by cutting down transit time. This second detour is a ford through a stream and that becomes inaccessible during wet weather, necessitating the need for two detours.

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio said the culvert reconstruction project at Emu Creek was indicative of Council’s focus on securing strong value-for-money and using innovation to deliver the best outcome.

“The project team opted to reuse the existing culverts, which were still in good condition, and used rubble and sprayed concrete-reinforced embankment protection to both the upstream and downstream causeway faces,” Councillor Antonio said.

“Our innovative approach to these reconstruction works has ensured we have delivered the best possible value-for-money outcome.”

The bridge re-opened to traffic on 25 May 2012.