Return to full production for flood affected mines in Central Queensland

Mining is one of Queensland's biggest export industries, worth billions of dollars to the State and the industry every year.

The rainfall and flooding of the 2010/2011 wet season resulted in several Queensland mines being inundated, affecting their production capacity and causing uncontrolled releases to the environment.

The environment is of paramount concern to both the Queensland Government and key stakeholders in the mining industry so it was imperative that the mining companies were given help in returning to full production levels as quickly as possible and in an environmentally safe way.

Many of the mines affected were in the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) completed a significant program of works and provided advice on how to improve the regulation and management of the release of water in mines in the Fitzroy region.

Initially, the work focussed on the assessment of Transitional Environmental Programs (TEPs) and during the foods and immediately after, DERM approved 100 applications for TEPs or amendments to existing TEPs for mines across Queensland.

Before and after images of flooded open-cut mine in Central Queensland