About the Queensland Reconstruction Authority 

Our Role

Between November 2010 and April 2011, Queensland was struck by a series of natural disasters.  Extensive flooding caused by periods of extremely heavy rainfall, destruction caused by a number of storm cells including Cyclones Tasha, Anthony and Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi, and subsequent monsoonal flooding including in the Maranoa, have resulted in all Queenslander being declared as disaster affected.

In response to the disaster events, the Queensland Government established the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (the Authority) under the Queensland Reconstruction Act 2011The Authority’s mission is to reconnect, rebuild and improve Queensland communities and its economy.

The Authority’s role has also been extended to cover historical and continuing disaster events in Queensland.

The activities of the Authority are guided by a comprehensive and integrated plan – Operation Queenslander – The State Community, Economic and Environmental Recovery and Reconstruction Plan 2011-2013.

Our Leadership

Major General Dick Wilson has been appointed Chair of the board and will lead the efforts to rebuild communities across the state affected by the devastating Queensland floods and cyclones.

Former Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer, Frankie Carroll, has been appointed CEO of the Authority.